Run Token πŸ‘Ÿ

Run Token Utility

The Run Token is expected to have the following utility:
    Run Buy And Burn: It is expected that both our node service and our staking service will generate significant revenue if we are able to capture significant market share. Runtoken holders will benefit from 1% revenue from both services in the form of buy and burn.
      1% of the revenue will be used to buy Run from the markets and then sent to a burn address that will decrease supply off the market over time.
    Run Staking: Holders will be able to stake their Run on the RunNode platform to generate additional yield.
    RunDAO: Governance- After 1 year of staking, the RunToken stakers will start to generate the Sprint token that will serve as a governance token for the RunDAO.
    Run Airdrops: Holders of the Run token will benefit from airdrops from developers that build on the Run platform that want to distribute their token to our large community of holders. Run will have discount incentives for projects to want to do so.

Run Token Distribution

Unlike many projects launching, we do not plan on taking on many institutional investors that get in on early rounds that can adversely impact token price for public sale participants. Our goal is to bring on one or two seed investors that will become strong strategic partners in our future.
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Mining Pool: 20% 200,000,000.00
Partnerships & Ecosystem: 41% 410,000,000.00
Founders and Team: 22% 220,000,000.00
Liquidity Reserve: 8% 80,000,000.00
Seed Sale: 6% 60,000,000.00
Public Sale: 2% 20,000,000.00
Airdrop: 1% 10,000,000.00
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